Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer
Music & Lyrics by Joe Henderson, Stephen Foster
© 2012

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You lay half asleep
trying to get back to a dream
you were having
just a few z’s & x’s ago
while a cockroach, also snoozing
inside the wall by your head
shares that dream, a dream that is now
mixed up with
strange characters & scenes
from both your brains

Meanwhile 2 million light years away
a being wriggles it’s protoplasm
half in his dimension,
half in yours & the cockroach’s
where he is pleasantly shocked
by the parade of unknown creatures
who are engaged in acts of carnal delight
with such intensity & abandon

His enthusiasm blows open a door
into the DC comics universe
where a naked Lois Lane
bolts upright in bed
next to Bizarro Batman
who frowns in his sleep
happily confused he mutters
“me dream ugly things”

Dream me dreaming you dreaming me dreaming you dreaming me

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me

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